Casa Carmita

For this renovation project, it was essential to maintain the original characteristic of the house. 

Casa Carmita is one of the first houses built in the island, so the maintenance and reinforcement of the structure were essential for the construction. 

To obtain the direct communication between its areas, we decided to pull down specific walls. That way, we get wider and comfortable spaces for the people that live in. 

For the materials, we decided to preserve the original floor. That way we combined white concrete and walls to complement the interior design. Also, we made maintenance on the interior walls and frontage of the house, allowing a complete renovation of the property. 

Nowadays, Casa Carmita functions as an accommodation space available for vacational stay in Cozumel Island. 

remodelaciĆ³n recamara principal
cuarto de visitas casa carmita
remodelaciĆ³n baƱo casa tradicional cozumeleƱa
detalles de mosaico mexicano
remodelaciĆ³n Casa Carmita vivienda tradicional cozumeleƱa

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