jardín con alberca, palmeras y palapa


The project Private Paradise is one of the most complex projects that have had developed on Cozumel Island. Several architects worldwide joined in with Grupo HCH to make it possible. The result is a unique resort that has all and each one of the requests of the client.

Private Paradise has:

  • Recreational Areas
  • Water slide across the main house
  • 3 meters deep pool
  • 2 bars
  • Guests kitchen
  • Luxury rooms
  • Different and unique waterfalls inside the property
  • Balinese beds
  • Cinema and game room
  • Palapa for romantic dinners
  • Rooftop jacuzzi

This and many more characteristics make this property without precedents in Cozumel Island.

jardín con alberca y palapas frente al mar proyecto private paradise
puerta de closet
alberca frente al mar proyecto private paradise
jardín con camastros frente al mar proyecto private paradise
baño grande con puerta de cristal
edificio con palapa en medio de la selva proyecto private paradise
habitación con cama king size proyecto private paradise
tobogán en espiral en casa con palapa proyecto private paradise

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