portada de tamarindo


The project Tamarindo has the goal to amplify the existent space. Tamarindo is a bed & breakfast with accommodation service in Cozumel Island.

The basic premise was to maintain the aesthetics and functionality that have been characterized by the place during years. That way we don’t miss the new amenities for the guests.

We added the reception area, 2 single rooms and 2 suites. Also, we added a community kitchen, a breakfast balcony, a yoga and massage room, training pool inside the property, as well as the extension of the main house.

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fachada de balcón con palapa proyecto tamarindo
fachada de casa con plantas, ventanas y puerta proyecto tamarindo
repisas de madera con macetas en pared proyecto tamarindo
proyecto tamarindo fachada de dos pisos con plantas
proyecto tamarindo puerta de madera con bordes azules

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